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why was monkey app removed?


  1. Monkey was removed from the App Store for a variety of reasons.
  2. Some of them were performance related, while others were due to changes in Apple’s policies.
  3. We’re really sorry that our app wasn’t able to live up to the high standards that the App Store sets for itself.


How to Download Monkey App After Its Been Deleted iOS/Android

How old do you have to be to use monkey?

Monkey is for users 12 and up.

Did the monkey app get removed?

No, the monkey app was not removed.

Can you download monkey on an IPAD?

Monkey is not available to be downloaded on the iPad.

How do you get apps that are not on the app store anymore?

There are a few ways to get apps that are not on the app store anymore. One way is to find an app that is no longer being updated and then download it from the app store. Another way is to search for an old app on the app store and then download it.

What does ASL mean on Omegle?

ASL stands for American Sign Language. Omegle users can type “ASL” into the chat box to initiate a conversation in ASL.

What else is like Omegle?

There are a few other similar platforms, but they all have their own unique features that make them stand out. For example, Omegle offers video chat, while Chatroulette lets you chat with random people from around the world. Additionally, some platforms offer more specific features, like Bumble which is specifically designed for dating.

Is Monkey run free?

Monkey is not free, in the sense that it does not have its own will. It is controlled by the scientists who are studying it.

How does Omega app work?

Omega is a smartwatch app that helps you track your fitness and sleep habits. It also provides you with tips and recommendations to improve your health.

How do I get the Yee app on my iphone?

There is no official app for the Yee network, but there are a few unofficial apps available. The most popular of these is the Yee app, which can be downloaded from the App Store.

What does M or F mean on Omegle?

M or F on Omegle means that the person you are talking to is male or female.

How do I download the Monkey app on iOS?

To download the Monkey app on iOS, open the App Store on your device and search for “Monkey.” Tap the Monkey app icon to download and install it.

Can you still download monkey?

Monkey is no longer available for download.

What replaced the Monkey app?

The new app is called “Google Now.” It provides you with information about the current weather, traffic conditions, and more.

Is the monkey app safe?

Monkey is a safe app. The app doesn’t collect personal information such as contact lists, email addresses, or passwords.

What’s the easiest video calling app?

There’s no one easy answer to this question since everyone’s needs and preferences vary. However, some popular video calling apps include Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.

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