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what percentage does cdbaby take?


  1. CD Baby takes a 9% commission on sales.

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How much of a cut does CD Baby take?

CD Baby charges a 9% commission on sales.

What percentage of royalties does CD Baby take?

CD Baby takes a 9% commission on digital sales and a $9.99 flat fee on physical sales.

Does CD Baby own my publishing?

No, CD Baby does not own your publishing. Publishing rights are separate from copyright, and CD Baby does not own the copyrights to your music.

Does CD Baby take a cut of royalties?

No, CD Baby does not take a cut of royalties. We simply charge a one-time fee to list your music on our site, and we do not receive any royalties from sales.

What is the best distribution company for music?

There is no one “best” distribution company for music. Different companies offer different services and have different strengths. Some of the larger, more well-known distribution companies include CD Baby, TuneCore, and The Orchard.

Is TuneCore better than CD Baby?

There is no simple answer to this question, as it depends on a variety of factors. In general, though, CD Baby may be a better option for artists who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of followers or fans yet. TuneCore is better suited for artists who have already built up a following and have more established careers.

Is CD Baby a one time fee?

No, CD Baby is not a one time fee. There is an annual membership fee of $49.99 to maintain your account.

What percentage does DistroKid take?

DistroKid takes a 7% commission on sales.

What kind of royalties does CD Baby collect?

CD Baby collects a 9% commission on mechanical royalties and a 20% commission on public performance royalties.

Is CD Baby trustworthy?

Yes, CD Baby is a trustworthy company. I have used their services and have been happy with the results. They are a reliable source for distributing your music online and provide great customer service.

Which music distributor pays fastest?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the individual distributor and the specifics of the deal that has been negotiated. However, in general, larger distributors are likely to pay more quickly than smaller ones.

Does CD Baby own your masters?

CD Baby does not own your masters.

Which music distributor pays monthly?

There are a few music distributors that pay monthly, but it really depends on the agreement that you have in place with them. Some will pay you on a monthly basis, while others may pay you every quarter or even annually. It’s important to read through your contract carefully and understand the payment schedule before signing up with any distributor.

How much does it cost to distribute an album?

There is no set cost to distribute an album, as it can vary depending on the label or distributor you work with. However, most distributors take a percentage of sales (typically around 10-15%), so your costs will likely include both manufacturing and distribution fees.

Who owns CD Baby?

CD Baby is an online music store and music distributor. It was founded by Derek Sivers in 1998. CD Baby is now owned by Disc Makers, which is a manufacturer of CDs, DVDs, and other media products.

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