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how do i recover my shein account?


  1. If you’ve forgotten your Shein login information, you can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page.
  2. Enter your email address and Shein will send you instructions on how to reset your password.

How to Recover Shein Account? Reset & Change Shein Password 

How to Recover Shein Account | Reset Forgotten Password – Shein App

What happens if I forgot my Shein password?

If you forgot your Shein password, you can reset it by following these steps:
Go to the Shein website and click on “Forgot Password?”
Enter your email address and click on “Submit”

Can Shein delete your account?

Yes, Shein can delete your account.

How can I reset my shine password?

If you’ve forgotten your shine password, you can reset it by following these steps:
Go to the reset password page.
Enter the email address associated with your shine account.
Click “Reset Password.”
Check your email for a message from shine containing a link to reset your password.
Click the link in the email and follow the instructions to reset your password.

What is a Shein account?

Shein is an online retailer that offers clothing, accessories, and home decor. It is headquartered in New York City.

How do I get my old Shein account back?

If you can’t remember your login information, you can reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page. If you still can’t access your account after resetting your password, please contact Shein’s customer service for help.

How do I logout of Shein on my phone?

To log out of Shein on your phone, open the Shein app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen. Scroll down and tap on “Logout”.

What is 8 characters in a password example?

8 characters in a password example could be any combination of letters and numbers. A strong password example would be something that is not easily guessed, such as “password1!

Does SHEIN save card details?

Yes, SHEIN saves card details in order to speed up the checkout process for future purchases.

Why did my SHEIN order disappear?

It’s possible that your order was canceled due to a lack of stock. SHEIN is a fast-fashion retailer, so items may sell out quickly. You can always check the website or app for the latest stock levels to see if your desired items are available.

How do I unsubscribe from Shein?

The SHEIN customer service phone number is 1-888-738-4233.

What is SHEIN’s phone number?

To unsubscribe from Shein, first log into your account. Once you are logged in, click on the “My Account” tab and then select “Subscriptions.” Under “Active Subscriptions,” locate the subscription that you would like to unsubscribe from and then click on the “Unsubscribe” button.

What is SHEIN address?

SHEIN is a fashion retailer that sells women’s clothing. The company is based in the United States and has a global presence.

Is it illegal to resell SHEIN clothes?

There is no definitive answer, as the legality of reselling SHEIN clothes likely depends on the specific country or state in which the sale takes place. In some cases, it may be illegal to resell branded clothing without the permission of the brand owner, while in others it may be legal to do so as long as the original tags are still attached. It is always advisable to check with local authorities to ensure compliance with any applicable laws.

How do I verify my email with Shein?

To verify your email with Shein, simply follow the instructions provided in the verification email that was sent to you.

Will I get my money back if I cancel my SHEIN order?

Yes, you will get your money back if you cancel your SHEIN order. However, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

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