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how do i permanently delete my twitter account on android?


  1. To permanently delete your Twitter account on Android, you need to first deactivate it.
  2. To do this, open the Twitter app and go to Settings > Deactivate account.
  3. Once your account is deactivated, go to twitter.com/settings/account and click Delete my account.
  4. You’ll be asked to enter your password and then click Delete account.

How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently

Permanently Delete Twitter Account

Does deleting the Twitter app delete your account?

Yes, deleting the Twitter app will delete your account. If you want to keep your account, you can either log in on the website or use a different app.

How many times can you deactivate Twitter?

There is no limit to the number of times you can deactivate Twitter. However, if you deactivate your account too frequently, Twitter may suspend your account.

Can you delete Twitter on mobile?

Yes, you can delete Twitter on mobile. To do so, open the Twitter app and go to your profile. Tap the gear icon and select Settings. Scroll down and tap Delete my account. Enter your password and tap Delete account.

How do I delete my Twitter from Gmail?

Go to your Gmail account and open the “Mail” tab.
Click on the “Settings” gear icon in the top right corner of the screen and select “Settings”.
Click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
Under the “POP Download” section, click on the “Delete messages from the server after they are downloaded” radio button and then click on the “Save Changes” button.

Can you get your Twitter back after deleting it?

Yes, you can get your Twitter back after deleting it. To reactivate your account, visit twitter.com and enter your email address or username and password. If you don’t remember your password, click “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions.

How long does Twitter keep your data after you delete your account?

Twitter keeps your data for a period of 30 days after you delete your account.

Can you completely delete a Twitter account?

Yes, you can completely delete a Twitter account. To do so, visit the “Settings” page on the Twitter website and click on the “Delete my account” link. Follow the instructions on the screen to delete your account.

Why can’t I deactivate my Twitter account?

Twitter doesn’t allow users to delete their accounts for a few reasons. First, Twitter wants to keep all of its data in case someone wants to reactivate their account in the future. Second, Twitter doesn’t want to lose any of its users, so it makes it difficult for people to leave. Finally, Twitter wants to keep its user base engaged, so it makes it hard for people to deactivate their accounts.

Does Twitter delete old tweets?

Twitter does not delete old tweets. However, the company may remove tweets from its search results if they are determined to be in violation of its terms of service.

How do I know if my Twitter account is deleted?

If your Twitter account is deleted, you will not be able to log in and will see a message that says “This account has been suspended.” If you are still able to log in, your account has not been deleted.

What happens when you delete Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform where users can share short posts, or “tweets,” with their followers. It can be used for personal or professional purposes, and has become a popular way to stay connected with friends and family, as well as to share news and information.
If you decide to delete your Twitter account, your tweets will be removed and you will no longer be able to access your account.

Is deactivating Twitter the same as deleting?

Deactivating Twitter is not the same as deleting your account. When you deactivate your account, your profile and all of your tweets are hidden, but Twitter still retains all of your data. If you decide to reactivate your account at a later date, all of your data will be restored. If you want to delete your account permanently, you must first delete all of your tweets and then contact Twitter support to have your account deleted.

How do I delete an old Twitter account without access?

If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your Twitter account, you can’t delete it yourself. However, you can ask Twitter to do it for you.

How do you permanently delete Twitter app?

The Twitter app can be permanently deleted by uninstalling it from your device.

How do I delete my Twitter account without logging in?

To delete your Twitter account without logging in, first go to the Twitter website. Click on the “Log In” button in the top-right corner, and then enter your username and password.
Once you’re logged in, click on the “Settings” button in the top-left corner, and then select “Delete my account” from the menu on the left.
Twitter will ask you to confirm that you want to delete your account.

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