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how do i delete reddit app history?


To delete Reddit app history on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  1. Open the Reddit app and tap the menu button in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Settings in the menu.
  3. Tap History & Privacy.
  4. Tap Clear History and Cache.
  5. Tap Clear History and Cache again to confirm.

How to Clear History on Reddit App | Clear Activity 2022

How to Clear History on Reddit App?

Does Reddit keep history?

Reddit does keep history, but it is not easy to access. The website keeps track of all posts and comments made on the site, and users can access this information through the website’s search bar. However, the search results only show a limited number of results, so it is difficult to find information that is more than a few months old.

Can I delete Reddit history?

Yes, you can delete Reddit history on your account. To do this, go to your account settings and select “delete all my activity.” This will delete all your posts, comments, and votes from Reddit. Keep in mind that deleting your activity will also remove any messages you’ve sent through Reddit’s messaging system.

Can anyone see my Reddit History?

Yes, anyone can see your Reddit history if they know your username. However, your Reddit history is not public unless you choose to make it public.

How do I make my Reddit History private?

There is no one definitive way to make your Reddit history private. However, some methods you may consider include deleting your account, deleting individual posts, or using a third-party application to hide your browsing history.

How do I delete Reddit app History on iPhone?

To delete Reddit app history on your iPhone, open the Reddit app and go to your profile. Tap the three lines in the top left corner and select “Settings.” Scroll down and tap “History & Privacy.” Tap “Clear History” and confirm by tapping “Delete.

Does Reddit track your activity?

No, Reddit does not track your activity. Reddit does not store any logs of user activity, so your identity and activities on the site are completely anonymous.

How do I stop Reddit from tracking my history?

There is no one definitive way to stop Reddit from tracking your history. However, some methods you may consider include deleting your cookies and browser history, using a different browser or an incognito browsing mode, and disabling cookies and tracking features in your browser.

How long does Reddit keep your data?

Reddit keeps your data for as long as it is necessary to provide the services you have requested, or for as long as we are required to keep it by law.

How do I stop Reddit from tracking me?

Reddit uses cookies to track users. To stop Reddit from tracking you, you need to disable cookies in your browser.

Does Reddit collect data?

Yes, Reddit does collect data. This data includes information about the users of the site, such as their usernames, email addresses, and IP addresses. Reddit also collects data about the posts and comments that are made on the site, including the timestamp, username of the poster or commenter, and the text of the post or comment.

Is Reddit anonymous browsing safe?

Yes, Reddit is a safe place to browse anonymously. However, it is important to be aware that there are some risks associated with using any anonymous browsing service. For example, it is possible for someone to track your activity on Reddit if they have access to your personal information.

Is Reddit safe for privacy?

Yes, Reddit is generally safe for privacy. However, it’s important to be aware that Reddit is a public platform, and as such, your personal information may be accessible to others. Be sure to only share information you’re comfortable with being publicly available.

What info does the Reddit app collect?

The Reddit app collects the following information:
-Your username
-Your email address
-Your location
-Your age
-Your gender

Where is Reddit data stored?

Reddit data is stored on Amazon Web Services.

Can people get IP from Reddit?

Yes, people can get IP addresses from Reddit. However, the IP addresses are not always accurate or up-to-date. Additionally, Reddit does not provide any guarantees that the IP addresses will be accurate or up-to-date.

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