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how do i delete my etsy account on the app?


  1. To delete your Etsy account on the app, first open the Etsy app and sign in.
  2. Then, tap the Menu icon in the top left corner of the screen and select Settings.
  3. Next, scroll down and tap Delete Account.
  4. Finally, tap Delete Account again to confirm.


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How do I delete my Etsy shop from my phone?

To delete your Etsy shop from your phone, open the Etsy app and tap the three lines in the top left corner. Scroll down and tap Settings, then scroll down again and tap Delete Shop. Tap Delete to confirm.

Why can’t I close my Etsy account?

There could be a few reasons why your Etsy account won’t close. One reason might be that you have orders that are still in progress and need to be shipped. If all of your orders have been shipped and you’ve completed all the necessary steps to close your account, then you can contact Etsy for help.

Where is shop manager on Etsy app?

The shop manager is located in the top navigation bar of the Etsy app. From here, you can view your shop stats, manage your orders, and update your shop settings.

How long does it take to permanently delete Etsy account?

It takes about 2 weeks to permanently delete an Etsy account. First, you’ll need to contact Etsy support and request account deletion. Then, you’ll need to wait for confirmation that your account has been deleted.

How do I permanently delete my Etsy account?

To permanently delete your Etsy account, please follow these instructions:
Go to https://www.etsy.com/account/delete_account and log in to your account.
Click the “Delete Account” button at the bottom of the page.
Enter your password and click “Delete Account”.
You will be asked to confirm your decision. Click “Yes, delete my account” to delete your account.

How do I delete my Etsy shop?

To delete your Etsy shop, you’ll need to go to Shop Manager and click on the “Settings” tab. From there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Delete Shop.

Where is account settings on Etsy?

The account settings on Etsy are located in the top right corner of the website, next to the “Etsy” logo. Once you click on the settings wheel, a drop-down menu will appear with a variety of options, including “Account Settings.

What happens when you deactivate an Etsy listing?

When you deactivate an Etsy listing, it is removed from the Etsy site. If you decide to reactivate the listing at a later time, it will be restored to its original position on the site.

What does it mean if an Etsy shop is closed?

If an Etsy shop is closed, it means that the shop’s owner has decided to stop selling items on the site. This could be for a number of reasons, such as needing to focus on other priorities or not having enough time to run the shop.

Can you manage Etsy shop on app?

Yes, you can manage your Etsy shop on the app. You can view your shop stats, manage your orders and inventory, and communicate with customers from the app.

What is shop manager icon on Etsy?

The shop manager icon is a tool that Etsy shop owners can use to manage their shops. It includes features such as the ability to add and edit listings, view order and shipping information, and more.

Does Etsy have an app store?

Yes, Etsy does have an app store. It’s a place where you can find apps that have been designed specifically for Etsy sellers and buyers. You can browse by category or search for specific apps.

Does Etsy delete inactive accounts?

Yes, Etsy deletes inactive accounts after a certain amount of time. This is done to free up space on the site for active users and to keep the site running smoothly. If you’re an inactive user and would like to reactivate your account, you can do so by logging in to your account and clicking “activate.

Can I change my Etsy shop name?

Yes, you can change your Etsy shop name. Just go to “Shop Settings” in the top right corner of your shop and click on the “Name & Address” tab. From there, you can enter a new name for your shop.

Can you own more than one Etsy shop?

You can own as many Etsy shops as you want, but you can only have one active shop at a time.

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