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how do i cancel my mercato membership?


  1. To cancel your Mercato membership, please email us at [email protected] with your name and the email address associated with your account.
  2. We will process your cancellation and confirm it with you.
  3. Thank you!

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How to Place an Order Using Mercato Credits

Is Mercato Italian?

No, Mercato is not Italian. It is a modern American restaurant with dishes from all over the world.

How do you use Mercato credit?

You can use Mercato credit to purchase items on Mercato. When you checkout, you will be prompted to choose a payment method. If you have Mercato credit, you can select that as your payment method and the credit will be applied to your purchase.

Is Mercato reliable?

Yes, Mercato is reliable. It’s a great place to find high-quality, affordable products. I’ve never had a bad experience with them.

Is Mercato a public company?

Mercato is a private company.

What is a Merkato?

Merkato is the largest open air market in Africa. It’s located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and covers over 60 acres. The market is home to over 15,000 vendors and sells everything from food to clothes to cars.

Who owns the Mercato?

The Mercato is a public market in Naples, Italy. It is owned by the city of Naples.

How long does it take for Mercato to deliver?

It usually takes Mercato about an hour to deliver, but it can vary depending on the time of day and how busy they are.

Are there street markets in Italy?

Yes, there are street markets in Italy. In fact, they are a common sight in many towns and villages. The markets offer a variety of goods, including produce, meat, fish, and flowers. They are also a great place to find souvenirs.

Where is Mercato from?

Mercato is from the Veneto region of Italy.

Do you tip Mercato?

Yes, you should tip Mercato. The customary tip is 15-20%, but you can adjust that depending on the service.

What is green delivery?

Green delivery is a term used for the transportation of goods that have been produced in an environmentally friendly way. This usually means that the goods have been transported using methods that produce minimal pollution, such as by boat or rail.

When did Mercato in Naples Open?

The Mercato in Naples has been open since the early 1800s. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, and is known for its fresh produce and delicious food.

Is Mercato a subscription?

No, Mercato is not a subscription. It is a free app that you can download on the App Store or Google Play.

What is Mercato?

Mercato is a food hall in the heart of the historic district of San Lorenzo, in Florence. It’s a large, open space with stalls selling everything from fresh produce to ready-made meals. There’s also a bar and several restaurants. Mercato is a great place to find local produce and specialties from all over Tuscany.

Who owns Mercato in Naples?

Mercato is a public market in Naples, Italy. It is owned by the city of Naples.

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