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did flickr delete my photos?


  1. Flickr may have deleted your photos if you haven’t logged in for more than 12 months.
  2. If that’s the case, you can recover them by logging back in to Flickr and clicking on the “Restore Deleted Photos” link on the left side of the page.

Flickr will DELETE my best PHOTOS

Flickr Account – All Photos Have Been Lost!!!!

Does Flickr delete photos?

Flickr deletes photos when they are either removed by the user or deleted automatically after a certain amount of time.

What happened to my pictures on Flickr?

Flickr is a photo-sharing website that allows users to upload, share, and view photos. In 2013, Yahoo! acquired Flickr and in 2017, it was announced that Flickr would be shut down. In February 2018, Flickr announced that it would be transferring all user data to SmugMug, a photo-sharing website owned by the same company. As a result, all photos and videos on Flickr will be deleted on March 12, 2018.

How do I recover deleted photos from Flickr?

There is no definitive answer, as different methods may work better or worse for different users. A few tips include using the Flickr website or app to view your account’s photo history and attempting to restore deleted photos from there, using online tools or software to try and recover deleted photos, or contacting Flickr support for assistance.

Why did Flickr delete my account?

Flickr may have deleted your account for a number of reasons, such as violating the Terms of Service or creating multiple accounts. If you believe your account was deleted in error, you can contact Flickr support for help.

Does a Flickr account expire?

Flickr accounts do not expire, but the account holder’s rights to the photos and videos in the account may expire.

Is Flickr safe to store photos?

Flickr is a safe platform to store photos. It has a number of features that make it secure, including password protection and two-factor authentication. Additionally, Flickr has a robust community of users who can help protect your photos.

How do I get my photos on Flickr?

There are a few ways to get your photos onto Flickr. You can either use the Flickr uploader, or you can use a third-party application. If you’re using the Flickr uploader, you can either drag and drop your photos into the window, or you can click the “upload” button and select your photos from your computer.

How do I delete all my photos on Flickr?

To delete all your photos on Flickr, you need to first sign in to your Flickr account. Once you are signed in, click on the “Organize” tab and then select “Albums.” Under the “Albums” tab, you will see a list of all your albums. To delete all your photos, click on the album that contains all your photos and then click on the “Delete Album” button.

How do I close my Flickr account?

To close your Flickr account, go to the Account Settings page and scroll down to the bottom. Click on the “Delete Your Account” button and follow the instructions.

How do you delete faves on Flickr?

To delete faves on Flickr, first go to your profile and click on the “Favorites” tab. Then, click on the three dots next to the photo you want to delete and select “Remove from Favorites.

Can people steal your photos on Flickr?

Yes, people can steal your photos on Flickr. However, there are ways to protect your photos from being stolen. You can password protect your photos, or you can make them private so that only people you approve can see them.

Who can see my Flickr photos?

Flickr users can choose to share their photos with the public, with friends, or with a customized group. If you choose to share your photos with the public, anyone on the internet can view them. If you choose to share your photos with friends, only those people you’ve shared the photos with will be able to view them. If you choose to share your photos with a customized group, only those people who have been given permission to view the group will be able to see the photos.

Is Google Photos better than Flickr?

There is no simple answer to this question, as it depends on what you are looking for in a photo hosting service. Google Photos is definitely easier to use than Flickr, and has some great features like automatic organization and face recognition. However, Flickr has more options for customization and privacy settings, and also offers a larger community of users who share photos and ideas.

How can delete my yahoo account?

There are a few ways to delete your Yahoo account. The first is to go to the account deletion page and follow the instructions. The second way is to use the Yahoo Account termination form. You can also call Yahoo customer service and ask them to delete your account.

How do you delete Reddit account?

To delete your Reddit account, visit the “delete my account” page and enter your username and password. Click the “delete my account” button and your account will be deleted.

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