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can you unlink a nintendo switch account?


  1. Yes, you can unlink a Nintendo Switch account.
  2. To do so, open the System Settings menu and select “Users.”
  3. Select the account you want to unlink and press the “Delete User” button.

How to unlink a Nintendo account on switch


Does each Switch user need an online account?

Yes, each Switch user needs an online account in order to access Nintendo’s online features. This includes playing games online, using the Switch’s online chat app, and accessing the eShop. You can create a free account or sign in with your existing Nintendo account.

How do I delete my child’s Nintendo Account?

To delete your child’s Nintendo Account, you’ll need to contact Nintendo Support. You can reach them by phone at 1-800-255-3700 or by email at customer service.

How do I transfer a Nintendo child account?

To transfer a Nintendo child account, you will need to have the account’s parental permission and the Nintendo Switch console that the account is registered to. You will also need to create a new Nintendo account for the child. Once you have all of this, follow these steps:
On the Nintendo Switch console, go to System Settings and select User.
Select Add User and then enter the child’s information.

Can you recover a deleted Switch account?

Yes, you can recover a deleted Switch account. To do so, you’ll need to contact Nintendo customer support and provide them with your account ID and the email address associated with your account. They will then be able to help you recover your account.

Will deleting a user on one Switch delete it on another?

Yes, deleting a user on one Switch will delete it on another. When you delete a user, all of their data is deleted from the Switch.

How many times can you deregister a Switch?

You can deregister a Switch as many times as you want, but it will only be linked to one Nintendo Account at a time.

Does each child need a Nintendo Account?

Each child does not need a Nintendo Account. Your Nintendo Account is connected to your Nintendo Switch console and allows you to purchase games and other content from the Nintendo eShop. If you would like to create a Nintendo Account for a child, you can do so by visiting https://accounts.nintendo.com/.

What happens if I unlink my Nintendo account from Epic Games?

If you unlink your Nintendo account from Epic Games, you will no longer be able to access your Nintendo account in-game items or progress.

How many Users can be linked to a Nintendo Account?

A Nintendo account can be linked to up to eight users.

Can Nintendo family accounts share games?

Yes, Nintendo family accounts can share games. This is a great feature for families who want to share games and save money.

How do I remove a user from a Switch?

There are a few ways to remove a user from a Switch. One way is to use the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app. Another way is to use the console’s settings.

What happens if you delete a Nintendo Account?

If you delete your Nintendo Account, you will lose access to all of the services that are associated with it. This includes your Nintendo eShop account, your Miiverse account, and your Nintendo Network ID.

How do I restore a switch profile?

To restore a switch profile, you first need to export it.

Do Nintendo accounts expire?

Nintendo accounts do not expire, but they can be cancelled if they are not used for a certain period of time.

Can I change the email on my Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can change the email on your Nintendo Switch. To do so, navigate to System Settings > Users > Your Profile. Under “Email Address”, enter the new email address and confirm it.

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