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how to unlock text messages on android?


  1. There are many ways to unlock text messages on Android.
  2. One way is to go to the Messages app, select a message, and press the Menu button.
  3. From the menu, choose “Unlock.” You can also use a third-party app like TextSecure or MessageLocker to unlock text messages.

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How do I turn off portrait mode?

To turn off portrait mode on your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap Photos. Under “Photos & Camera,” turn off “Portrait Mode.

What does portrait orientation lock button look like?

The portrait orientation lock button looks like a small, circular button on the side of the phone. When you press it, the phone will turn to portrait orientation.

What is portrait mode on Android?

Portrait mode is a feature on Android that allows you to take pictures and videos with a more narrow field of view, which makes it easier to take pictures of people.

How do I turn off portrait lock on Android?

To turn off portrait lock on Android, open the Settings app and tap on “Security.” From here, you can toggle off the “Portrait Mode” option.

Where is the quick setting menu?

On the right side of the screen, just below the time.

How do you lock your apps on Android?

You can lock your apps with a PIN or pattern. If you have a device with a fingerprint scanner, you can also lock apps with your fingerprint.

How do I turn off rotation lock on Samsung?

To turn off rotation lock on Samsung, open the settings app and tap on “Device management.” Under “Rotation lock,” toggle the switch to off.

Where is lock rotation in settings?

Lock rotation is found in the Security and Location settings.

How do I turn off rotation lock?

On some devices, like the iPhone 6 or newer, you can disable rotation lock by going to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and turning off “Disable rotation on the device.

What is the circle on my phone screen?

The circle on your phone screen is probably a battery warning.

What does an i with a circle around it mean?

The Unicode character for “i” is U+00B4. The circle around the i means that the character is a ligature, which is a combination of two or more characters that are not normally considered to be one letter.

What does the lock with an arrow around it mean?

The lock with an arrow around it is typically used to indicate a warning or caution. It may mean that the area is dangerous and should not be entered.

What does the padlock mean on messenger?

The padlock on messenger usually indicates that the message is encrypted.

What does a lock with a red line through it mean?

A red line through a lock means that the lock is inoperable and should be replaced.

What is the padlock symbol?

The padlock symbol is typically used to represent security.

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